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Jessica Edward, MBA

Caring for Seniors Foundation

Caring for Seniors Adult Daycare Center, LLC

Caring for Seniors Homecare Agency, LLC




Chief Executive Officer
BCA BDG Member since: 2022
25 Van Zant Street
Suite: 7-D
Norwalk, CT 06855-1727
Our Mission at Caring for Seniors Adult Day Center is to provide our clients with options, promote independence, embrace quality of life but more importantly provide a safe space for our seniors, veterans and people with disabilities to participate.
Our Goal is to provide seniors with nutritious meals, including those that accommodate special diets, along with snacks and encouraging fluids throughout the day. In addition, we strive to provide planned activities to be tailored to the participants’ abilities and health conditions. Lastly, we want to maintain staff which can help with the activities of daily living such as grooming, toileting, personal hygiene, walking, and feeding.
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Understanding senior care choices are essential in deciding how to organize your senior loved one’s life. However, old age brings challenges that can make life a little complicated.
Social Activities
Planned activities tend to be tailored to the participants’ abilities and health conditions, but may encompass such things as arts and crafts, musical entertainment and sing-a-longs, mental stimulation games such as bingo, stretching or other gentle exercises, discussion groups (for books, films, or current events, for example), holiday and birthday celebrations, and local outings.
Caring for Seniors ADC, LLC provide seniors with nutritious meals, including those that accommodate special diets, along with snacks.
Personal Care
Center staff can help with the activities of daily living such as grooming, toilet hygiene, walking, and feeding.
Client Services
Client Services is here to coordinate your needs in all area’s of tailoring to the needs of our clients, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities. As mentioned above, within the social activity sector, nutrition and personal care we take these areas serious as we do below with the Health Services and Transportation.
Health Services
These can vary from medication dispensing, blood pressure monitoring, hearing checks, and vision screening, for example, to symptom management and more intensive medical or therapeutic services.
Caring for Seniors Adult daycare Center, LLC. provides transportation to and from the center and for any local outings.
Safety is our Main Concern
There are several safety concerns seniors and clients with disabilities must address if they want to remain in their homes as they age, and the biggest among them are: Falls. Food and nutrition. Decline of communication skills and cognitive function. Loss of mobility. A risk of falls is one of the primary safety concerns for seniors.
Caring for Senior ADC provides options:
A center where all our clients can come for safety and socialization, a home care service program where our clients can remain home and be safe at the same time, transportation services to bring clients to and from the center or simply to a doctor’s appointment.
Caring for Seniors ADC will also provide high functioning activities that will include having daily access to our company’s dog. They will have daily therapy sessions that will provide them joy and peace at the center. In addition, it is a proven statement that dogs make for excellent companions, they will help to provide emotional support and help keep our clients more sociable. Our caring for senior’s dog will help provide quality of life but most importantly they will add an extra layer of safety.
Seniors & Clients with Disabilities
Our organization will provide services to Home Care Clients, Clients with disabilities and most importantly a safe Center filed with innovation!
We will offer Doggie Therapy, Staff who are committed to our clients safety, A beautician to service our clients, A shuttle service to transport our clients to and from their residents, Doctor appointments transportation and high functioning programs including trips to the casinos and other fun filled events.
Caring for Seniors ADC, will provide services to adult client’s who have traumatic brain injury (TBI) or anoxic brain injury (ABI), Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders and or mental disorders for the high functioning.
Caring for Seniors ADC, LLC provides a concierge service where clients can obtain support with their state applications for Medicaid and Medicare or something as simple as managing a doctor’s appointment. Our concierge services will send out calendars to the families of the clients we are servicing. This calendar will have our weekly and monthly events. In addition, our concierge service will communicate imperative communication such as different events for families to participate, or day to day changes to the client’s schedules. What is important to acknowledge is that our concierge services is free at no cost to the client.
Home Care Services
At Caring for Seniors ADC, LLC we provide different options. We understand not all our clients can come to the center but we can absolutely go to them. For our clients, we know it can be challenging for their families to provide ongoing support while at times the family cannot provide some of the higher demands needed to take care of their loved ones. More and more seniors, are electing to live independent, non-institutionalized lives, and at Caring for Seniors ADC, LLC we can provide our clients a fighting chance to be independent.
Some of the reason Caring for Seniors ADC, LLC considered this program are as follows:
Cost Effectiveness
There has been an abundant amount of studies that have shown the need for home care and generally the most cost-effective care option. This service can be used prior to, in place of, or after hospitalization, home care can reduce the length-of-stay and save money over the course of a sickness.
Our Clients will continue to be independent.
Our staff at Caring for Seniors ADC, LLC will provide ongoing support to persons of all ages who can continue to function as viable members of the community. If the Client is able to they can join our center one to two times per week or build a package that would be best suitable for them to come out of their residences.
Caring for Seniors ADC, LLC will keep families together.
The happiness of being with loved ones is particularly important in times of illness and safety. It has also been shown keeping families together has a positive social and economic impact on our communities.
Caring for Seniors ADC, LLC involves the individual and the family in the care that is being delivered.
Caring for Seniors continues to look for innovative ways to keep our clients centered. The program will empower our clients and their families to assume greater responsibility for their own health, and to assist them to make educated health care decisions.
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