When facing a job loss, regardless of the position held, compensation level, length of service, prior performance evaluations, education, etc.—the realization that life has now taken a very serious change can be the biggest event an individual has ever encountered during their career.

Outplacement and Career Transition Services offer employees the Coaching, Training, Skills Awareness, Resume and Cover Letter Preparation, Network Building, Social Media Search Knowledge and Strategic Guidance to construct a Job Campaign to keep the period between prior and next positions to a minimum. All generations react differently to a job loss announcement and being told that Services are being provided through a professional Outplacement firm can truly be a game changer.

Why is Outplacement and Career Transition Coaching of importance to all involved?

1- It reduces Stress and Pain for the displaced employee, their family and the company. Upon being told of the termination the rapid introduction to the Outplacement professionals allows for a focusing of their energy and talents toward a positive and productive job search.

2- Offering Outplacement and Career Transition can help protect the reputation of the company and Senior Management. Layoffs, and terminations capture news time and are often headline material. Companies that offer job search assistance are seen as professional and understanding. Your clients, competitors, current employees and Stakeholders take notice of actions like this.

3- Current employees appreciate the fact that the company has offered these services to fellow employees who have been impacted. The realization that the company is offering professional services goes a long way to help the current workforce settle back to work. Change is rarely easy and dealing with the pressures of a job loss can be one of the most stressful events anyone has to deal with. The showing of compassion by the company is long lasting and appreciated.

4- Terminated employees secure new positions faster. When hired quickly, the unemployment impact on the employer is reduced, the employee’s level of compensation returns to a higher level than unemployment and the Stressors associated with a job campaign are removed.

5- Outplacement helps protect against legal Claims. When employees receive Outplacement as part of their Severance Agreement or as a stand-alone benefit, the risk of a legal claim against the company greatly decreases. This professional display of offering career guidance to an impacted employee sets the employer ahead of many others.

Selecting an Outplacement and Career Transition Services firm Check list:
Be sure to select a firm that is committed to offering top quality service and in person one-on-one coaching sessions.

The firm must know the local and extended job markets, skills requirements and company contacts.

Experienced coaches are assigned to be instructors of group sessions or Coaching sessions.

Current digital learning offerings are part of the Career Transition training program.
Professional Networking sessions along with Mock Interviewing meetings are offered on a regular basis to improve awareness, visibility and skills.
Digital interviewing skills are practiced and stressed for all in receiving training.