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BCA MEMBER: Kevin Mackay, The TNS Group

BCA CHAPTER: Fairfield County, CT

Free CRM tool

Many companies have discovered that using a Customer Relation Management (CRM) tool can greatly enhance productivity and help them quickly access needed information. I feel that smaller nonprofits and small businesses often miss out and still do things manually because of price.Since cost is often a concern, what I frequently recommend is Hubspot. It helps with inbound marketing and sales management, but also offers a free CRM that is easy to use. I have used it in conjunction with my company’s CRM mainly for the sales options. It offers a mobile, web, and installed version.I would suggest sharing this information with any of your clients that want to improve their ability to track customers, market, and track sales information.
Here is a link to a description page:
Here is a download link.
I would also suggest reaching out and having a representative from the company walk you through a demo. The people I have dealt with are low pressure and were very helpful.Some of the things I like:
  • You get email open notifications (great to see if you are actually reaching people)
  • Contacts are added just by sending an email (you can modify)
  • The mobile version is easy to use
  • Activities are tracked for you (limited in the free version)
The basic paid versions of the sales and marketing tools are $50 a month, but the base CRM is free. Overall- much better than spreadsheets.(*disclosure- I have no affiliation with this company)
Another area that I emphasize with clients is passwords and security. There are many password managers out there and as long as you are using one, you are ahead of the game. I have found Lastpass to be easy to use. There is a free version so again, this is a great option for people to use.Two things you should do if using this. Set a very strong password for your master password – 14 characters or more and enable Multi-factor authentication. This will require you to authorize a log in through a device like a phone. Additionally- you can also add a PIN code as another layer of security.
These are just a few tips but will dramatically help your clients.
If you have any questions reach out to me via email or