Memberspeak – Winthrop Baum

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This is an ever changing area where our members can present quick tips, facts, and industry observations/news.

Read ’em and reap!

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BCA MEMBER: Winthrop Baum, Web Realty Corp.


Business Tip:
Success isn’t about what we get, it is all about what we give.

Success isn’t a matter of reaping rewards.  In fact, rewards may be an indication of success, but rewards by themselves are not the measure.
True success comes from a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of being of value to others.
Success isn’t about what we get, it is all about what we give.
Whatever your endeavor, the giving of yourself and the acceptance by others of what you have to offer, is what leads to that being of value to others.
Only after you have developed proven values that can be shared with others, can you reflect on the success of your endeavors.