Message from the Founder

The BCA Business Development Groups©, or “BCA BDG”, were founded in 2006 with the purpose of creating a large organization composed of individual groups, each dedicated to the purpose of developing new business for our members. Since inception we have grown to six groups, but more importantly a significant amount of new business has been realized by many BCA BDG members, a number of which can be seen on this website. We are, of course, very proud of that.
The primary difference that guests visiting our groups recognize is the clear focus on achieving the stated purpose of creating new business. They see this in action from our members, group leaders, and BCA BDG Management. So as you would expect, activities take place at these meetings that have been designed to achieve this goal.
An integral part of our entire process is the development of strong relationships amongst the members. The group’s activities are structured to foster these given that such relationships are a foundation of all successful sales and business development activities.
I encourage you to visit one or more of our BCA BDGs and to see this for yourself. Many guests in fact have developed fine relationships and received excellent, qualified referrals right at their initial group visit. Needless to say we enjoy seeing that take place.
Thank you for visiting the BCA BDG web site and for reading this message. I hope that this is a first step for you on the road that we have developed for significant business development success.

Howard Berman
Founder, BCA BDG