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Mike Corso


BCA BDG Member since: 2024

Roovio Solar

Working with Roovio Solar means you share the mission to greatly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for energy production and you are committed to reversing the worst impacts of pollution. You also want to avail yourself of all the truly remarkable solar incentives made possible by the Federal and State governments and will join us in educating all building owners and nonprofits of the same.
“When I learned about the solar incentives and rebates that the government has made available, I decided to make it my mission to educate as many building owners and homeowners across the country as possible. We have several cases where the government will help pay for over 85% of the solar system installation cost and the building owner will save millions of dollars over the lifetime of their system. If your building is a good candidate for solar, it is truly a NO-BRAINER decision to go solar in 2024. Give us 10 minutes and all your questions will be answered–we’ll review your utility bills and 3D satellite images and within 72 hours, you’ll know just how favorable the cash flow analysis pencils out in your situation”
— Mike Corso