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Douglas Goldwater

The You Frontier

BCA BDG Member since: 2023
25 Van Zant St
Norwalk, CT 06855
We lease out space so you can use it. The You Frontier is a creative network that transforms unused and underused commercial space into co-working, community, and creative spaces. Our business model is similar to that of a gym; as we offer cheap subscriptions for virtually unlimited access to our space. We will open up the space for those who want to book events, and dedicate certain chunks of time towards a flexible model where people can use it how they wish, such as remote work, creating art, or whatever they desire.
Examples of events we may host include art competitions, game nights, and charity drives. We facilitate opportunities to make lasting relationships, pursue fulfilling work, and to have some awesome experiences. We offer our members a chance to not just use our space, but to help set some of the activities in the space, and to showcase your work through our marketing channels.
The You Frontier is a physical creative network that enables you to build your own future.