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Serge Yuabov

BCA BDG Member since: 2024

TITAN Financial Pros

TITAN Financial Pros helps businesses and individuals with detailed analytics to improve cash flow, strategies and insights, to increase their growth. We specialize in metrics, KPIs and other analytics to help you figure out where you can be making the most and where you need to rethink your efforts. We work with businesses and individuals, whether you have a startup, years of experience but haven’t hit the stride you want or are a seasoned vet. We help you get an exact picture of your current financial state, show you what direction you’re going and how to switch gears to get to the destination you want.
Our mission is to help people stay on top of their numbers, know what their top performers are, how much they’re making and how much they cost. Everyone needs to know their numbers in order to survive in today’s world.
Our Services Include
  • Financial Analytics
  • Outsourced CFO
  • Revenue Growth
  • Business Projections
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financial Coaching
  • Financial Advisory

“Everyone Should Have a CFO in their Business”